Broseph's dream girl
Broseph's Dream Girl
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown
First Appearance: Another Grom Bites the Dust

Broseph's dream girl is a minor character on Stoked.

Introduced in the show's second episode "Another Grom Bites the Dust", she is a lovely young woman wearing a tan-colored bikini and an iPod on her left arm, who Broseph takes an instant liking to when he first spots her walking by him in the hotel lobby. Broseph never actually meets her or speaks to her, but he has had her on his mind since then.


  • Broseph once referred to her as the "Bikini babe of my dreams" while dreaming about her in "O Broseph, Where Art Thou". Although she is not actually seen in this episode, it is apparent that he is referring to her.
  • She has never spoken or been named on the show.
  • She also turned up twice in Broseph's dreams in the second season premiere, "The Make-Out Fake-Out".
  • She has a similar appearance and hairstyle to Kelly, although Kelly's hair is dark red in color while the dream girl has dark brown hair, and she does not have a beauty mark on her face like Kelly's.
  • She has a pair of star tattoos on her left hip.



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