Break Point is a fictional movie which was mentioned on the show in the episode "Waves of Cheese." While the plot of the movie is never discussed in detail, according to Emma (who had seen or at least heard of the movie), the film is about a federal agent that learns to surf.


  • "I want to take you, to the edge with me."
  • "I'd rather die surfing than to never surf at all."


  • It is a spoof of Point Break, which is an actual surfing-film that's also about a federal agent (in this case, an American FBI-agent).
  • Fin asked the Kahuna to play this movie in exchange for cleaning the Whalebus on the night Reef planned to take Blair out on a movie date after she found out Reef was using lines from the movie to woo Blair with.
  • In one shot where Reef is yelling for an usher because of Fin, the movie screen shows stock footage from "Take your Kook to Work Day" where Shep and Ty almost get into a fight over the Office.

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