Occupation: Surfer Student (unknown if still is)
Hair Color: Blonde (Possibly bleached)
Eye Color: Brown
Voice Actor: Lauren Lipson
First Appearance: Waves of Cheese

Blair is a female surfing student who is a tourist at Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort. She had a relationship with Reef, but after an incident at the Big Wave Theatre, where a jealous Fin set her and Reef up on a date to see Break Point, the movie that Reef was taking lines from to use on her, she dumped him and then dumped cheese-covered nachos over his head.


  • Blair starts out as a happy girl who is easily fooled, but she can be very strict and unforgiving. After dumping Reef, she later turns nasty when she threatens to have Fin, Lo and Emma fired from the hotel when she suspects that the dresses they are wearing are hers (which the girls avoid when they beat Blair back to the hotel and get the dresses back in her room's closet and get out of her room through the balcony just seconds before she arrives).




  • Her voice actress is Lauren Lipson, who also voices Kelly on the show, as well as Kirsten (one of The Clones) from 6teen and Sadie from Total Drama Island.
  • Her design is similar to Kristen from 6teen.
  • Her surfboard is pink and white.

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