Betty Sandstone
Betty Sandstone
Occupation: Surfer, employee at Captain Ron's Hotel
Friends: Tuna McGillis (presumably her boyfriend)
Talents: Surfing
Likes: Winning in competition, Tuna McGillis
Dislikes: Losing competitions, Fin McCloud (Possibly)
Hair Color: Bleached blonde
Eye Color: Blueish-purple
First Appearance: Boards of Glory

Betty Sandstone is a female surfer who works with Tuna McGillis. She also entered the Staff Tandem Surfing Contest pitting her and Tuna against Reef and Broseph (who replaced the injured Fin as Reef's partner in the event).


  • She works for Captain Ron at his hotel.
  • She has bleached blonde hair, a very deep tan and wears three different necklaces, pink eyeshadow and matching lipstick.
  • She sports a Pisces zodiac tattoo on her upper left arm.
  • Her name is a pun off of "Betty", meaning girl, and "Sandstone", a type of rock seen in beaches.
  • While never confirmed, Betty is assumed to be Tuna's girlfriend.
    • For example, in "Mr. Wahine," she and Tuna are shown holding hands in one scene.
  • She did not speak on the show until the second season. She has said only one word in the entire series (in "The Captain, The Grom, His Job and Her Dream," where she says hi to Fin).
  • In "Grom Fest," Betty gets 2nd in the girls' category. Also, it's said that Betty was the previous year's champion for the girls' division at Gromfest.


  • Boards of Glory (does not speak)
  • Mr. Wahine (does not speak)
  • Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Clam? (does not speak)
  • The Day the Sea Stood Still (does not speak)
  • The Captain, The Grom, His Job and Her Dream (first and only speaking appearance)
  • Grom Fest (does not speak)