Bummer samples beaver tail

Bummer sampling a Beaver Tail

Beaver Tails are fried dough pastries. They are sold by Snack Shack (the most notable employee) at the Beaver Tail Bakery. They are known to come in a variety of flavors. Chocolate, banana, lemon, and coconut are a few of the flavors known.


  • Beaver Tails seem to be liked by everyone at Surfer's Paradise.
  • The only known place to get them is at the Beaver Tail Bakery.
  • In "I Like Beaver Butts and I Cannot Lie", Bummer orders Reef and Broseph to make knockoff brand Beaver Tails. When Bummer is hospitalized after eating a contaminated faux-Beaver Tail, he then sends Reef and Broseph to get day-old tails from the Beaver Tail Bakery and resell them at Surfer's Paradise under a different name, Beaver Butts.
  • Beaver Tails are based on the real-life BeaverTails pastry, which is made by the Canadian pastry stand chain of the same name.