Battle of the Betties

The Battle of the Betties was a women's-only surfing competition held at Surfer's Paradise at Sunset Beach. Several girls entered, with Fin winning the gold surfboard.

Known Participants


  • Emma used the Kahuna's vintage surfboard during the second part of the competition.
  • Although Reef (as Sandy) won second place, he was disqualified when he revealed himself as a guy after he accidentally ripped off his bikini bottom during his award acceptance speech.
  • Bummer nearly cancelled the competition because Sandy (Reef) didn't want to go out with him.
  • One of the Tropical Tan Models was supposedly entered in the competition.
  • Reef used Fin's move (Le Freak, a backbend into a handstand on the board) in the finals to get to her.
  • Fin did an insane move were she went off the face of the wave to get air and was spinning upside down for several seconds of hang time, beating Reef.
  • Emma was doing a nose ride to get to the finals on Broseph's longboard, which is the only board you can do a noseride on.

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